Sunday, August 19, 2012

Themes for Book Club

Shakespeare's Sisters is a fun bookclub and we often have themed evenings like the one earlier this year when we had an Alice in Wonderland theme. Its not like we plan these themes at the beginning of the year - they tend to come from a random comment made during the evening that sparks something off.
In the past we have arrived dressed in bubble wrap, soccer kits, pyjamas, hats and dressed as hobos, witches and animals. We have even had a swimming gala! These evenings are fun - only this morning I was chuckling at the memory of a bookclub that was sparked off by a book which was turned into Tom Hank's film, 'Castaway'. We were all invited to bring an item we would take with us to a desert island. Our hostess had gone to town and dressed the house in nets, shells and even a sandy floor awaited us - or it could have just been that her home was opposite the beach! Suitably fishy eats were on the table and we revealed our treasures. These included (if my memory serves me right) Shampoo - What self respecting gal would be seen on a desert island with dirty hair? Mascara and Lipstick for similar reasons. A can of Coke - we have an addict in our midst! The Bible - to take advantage of all that time to read it. Chocolate - lets hope there is a fridge on this desert island! Sunscreen - this sparked off a discussion of whether starvation, dehydration or melanoma would get us first.
My item was to be a piano - We had one at home and I had always wanted to learn to play it - My sisters had lessons but the money ran out by the time I came along and I used to still in front of it and try to make tunes feeling hard done to! If I turned out to be unmusical, it could be turned into a raft and I envisaged sailing into the sunset on it. I changed my mind however after seeing Tom Hanks in the film eating raw fish and sucking the slimy contents from a crab's leg, and decided a box of matches would be absolutely essential.
We concluded that most interestingly none of us had brought our husbands to bookclub as the item we would choose to take to a desert island for survival. Hmm! We sipped our wine thoughtfully!

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