Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Book Club

We had the most wonderful book club this week! Firstly we had an amazing venue - we usually meet at our homes but for a change we had book club in the Donkin Coffee shop which adjoins the lighthouse. The Donkin Reserve in Port Elizabeth has recently been cleaned up as part of the NM inner city development and forms part of an art route. It was a perfect evening for sitting under the stars in the shadow of this majestic building drinking up the views and catching up on each others news.The Fact that we were dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland added something to the occasion.....and attracted some interesting looks from passers-by!

Shakespeare's Sisters can be counted on to arrive in style. This is our very own Cheshire Cat!
She was joined by The Queen on Hearts, two White Rabbits and a Mad Hatter!

The Alice in Wonderland theme was due to the fact that two of our books had rabbits in the title and the third had the name Alice! The table was set out with wacky teapots, lacy cloths, cake stands and the most delicious food that shouted "Eat Me"
Last months choices were discussed as we handed back our books. Left Neglected by Lisa Genova was given a 5 and we highly recommend it. It's the story of a high flying career woman who suffers brain damage as the result of a car accident and tells the story of how she, her husband and young family cope with the differences this has made in their lives. Well researched, well written and a thought provoking read!
Cocktail hour under the Tree of Forgetfulness was also enjoyed and scored highly. It is the latest book by Alexander Fuller and a memoir of her early childhood growing up in Rhodesia (as Zimbabwe was named then) and the exploits of a wacky mother. We just love her style of writing.

This months book buys are :- The Hare with Amber Eyes; When God was a Rabbit; Still Alice (Lisa Genova's first book), The Kashmir Shawl and Garlic and Sapphires. (A review of these will follow this post).
This last book is by a food critic who worked for The New York Times. If she had been with us on Tuesday, she would have had lots of good things to say about the 'eats'. They were simply divine!

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