Friday, March 16, 2012

What is it about bookshops and airports? No matter if you have a book in your bag and are halfway through reading it, the Exclusive Books bookshop at the airport is like a magnet and you are pulled towards that pile of irresistible pages! The shops are aways in a small space and incredibly difficult to navigate with your luggage and other traveller's suitcases are just waiting for you to trip over them - but none the less - no journey is complete without a browse in a bookshop.
Yesterday, I browsed but I was pleased with myself for packing my Kindle as a two hour delay meant that I finished one book and started another great read by one of my favourites Marlena De Blasi - this time the setting is Sicily, in a magnificent if somewhat ruined castle in the mountains where she stumbles upon Tosca, the patroness of the villa and her story. Only writing of this brilliance can make time travel without effort, and before I knew it we were boarding! Thanks to Marlena I was transported from OT airport to the mountains of Sicily and thanks to BA who gave me time to get stuck into my new book!

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